5 successful biz leaders disclose which behavioral assessment they use and why

Thinking about using a behavioral assessment in your hiring, on-boarding, or talent development process? You’re not alone. “More than 80 percent of Fortune 500s use assessments for executive positions and… small businesses also use them,” Handling Pre-employment Screenings and AssessmentsBehavioral assessments are tests given to employees orjob candidates by employers to gauge how well each individual naturally fits within a job role. There are many behavioral assessments and types of pre-employment tests available on the current market and many more articles offering criticism and praise filling search engine results pages. In this article, we will investigate stories that praise behavioral testing. We interviewed five successful business leaders about which assessment they use and their experience. The leaders cited Gallup, DiSC®, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), Predictive Index® System, and Professional DynaMetric Programs® (PDP®) as the behavioral tests in which they had experience. Their experiences follow.

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