Is Getting Traffic to Your Blog as Difficult as Getting This Dog to Take a Bath?

If yes, then this post is for you.

Whether you're just starting a blog or you have been writing one for years, here are 4 strategies to get more traffic.

1. Reconsider Your Target Audience

Could the audience you have been targeting be saturated? Is it time to think of another group of individuals to start targeting and go a little more easy on your current group?  Or it could be that you have yet to target an audience?

Targeting an audience is important because in order to properly market content, you must first understand who you are marketing to and how to reach their influencers. You will also be able to learn which social platforms they are using and what types of language, videos, and photos are best to engage them.

2. Use Your Social Networks

Once you determine who your target audience is, you can set up accounts on social networks for you blog, or rework accounts you already have to better speak to your audience. Don't be afraid to explore newer platforms like Vine or Wanelo. By the way, staying up to date on the latest trends in social networks isn't a bad idea either. Make sure you're plugged into a few good blogs that will keep you updated.

3. Make Friends Who Are "Link Buddies"

What I call "link buddies" are people who you have connected with online or in person who are willing to promote your content through their networks. Usually these are relationships that take time to build. Just remember the golden rule when working on these relationships: Treat others the way you want to be treated. (I.E. Link to their content!)

4. Use Keywords

Yes, this is SEO 101, but are you overlooking it? Write blog posts using the keywords people are using to search on that topic. Keywords should appear in the blog title and throughout the body of the blog. Need help figuring out what people are typing into Google to search? Set up an AdWords account and use the Keyword Planner.

In closing, if your blog traffic needs a boost, take a second look at your audience and review content marketing strategies like social networks, link buddies, and keywords. Have more to add? Please comment below!

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