Jobmaster app helps startups hire smarter

If you’re a small business looking to hire talent for a niche job or a position for which it is otherwise difficult to find applicants, or if you’re just looking for an alternative to posting on the most popular boards, Jobmaster will help you learn your options.  The Jobmaster mobile app by is a database of 1,000 job boards worldwide. On the website, the following description sums up the app's purpose: “What if you could access ALL the best job boards from one app? Jobmaster, our newest app for both job seekers and recruiters, lets you do just that.”

The Jobmaster app allows users to browse National sites for free and gives you the option of purchasing access to Niche and Local sites for $0.99 each. Although many countries are included in the National sites list, the app seems to be most useful for United States residents since the additional search options appear to be based in the U.S. So if you are looking for work in another country or wish to recruit from another country, this is the app for you. Also, the local section is organized by the U.S. states and the niche sections are organized by industry. If you’re aiming to find job board sites for a particular state or industry this app may also be helpful.

If you’re not prepared for how Jobmaster functions, you might be wishing the app made it easier to post or apply to jobs from within the app. That’s not what Jobmaster is for, though. When you select a job board site from the lists within the app, a window loads into the mobile homepage of each job site. You can navigate within these sites from within the app, but some of them are better equipped for mobile use than others. A screen capture of is included in the gallery above as an example of a mobile-friendly site, versus CareerCast (also pictured) a non-mobile-friendly site. Once you find a job board you want to use, the next step would likely be to register via a laptop or desktop computer. On the other hand, if you are prepared for how Jobmaster functions, you may be pleased that the app’s database allows users to open each job board site with one click from within the app. This function is an extra benefit as you’re vetting the sites since you can immediately see the overview of each as you explore.

It is worth it to unlock the paid search areas as this app is most helpful to those looking for a job board that provides talent for specific jobs. Niches range from Tech to Marijuana to Maritime. Some niches expand into more categories for greater targeting. For example, under the Marketing-Advertising niche is a casino only job board. Local sites are organized by U.S. state and then localities within each state. Opening the Virginia option leads to a list that includes a job board for Virginia Beach. If the user were looking for a job in Virginia Beach they would certainly be impressed to see that board. Virginia state-wide boards are also available for those who aren’t lucky enough to find a job board achieving that level of detail.

In the future, it would be good to see Jobmaster continue to add to their database and include University job boards and local sites within countries other than the U.S. As it is now, though, the Jobmaster app is useful to those looking to find or fill any position and especially niche positions. I found new job board to post on for my own company from this review and plan to use them. Have you used Jobmaster? I’d love to read what you think too.

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