The Pros and Cons of iPassExam for the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam

passgoogleWhen I went to take my Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam, I wanted to make sure I passed the first time around. Mostly because I just didn't want to pay for it more than once! So I went searching for blogs that could help me understand what to expect. And I found iPassExam.

I ran into blog posts where it was recommended over and over again:

So I decided I had to shell out the $39 for a month long pass to access the Fundamentals Exam study materials.

Here are the pros and cons of using iPassExam per my experience:


Here is a screenshot of a question deliberately marked wrong for demonstration purposes (click to enlarge):


  • PRO #1: Each question answered incorrectly includes an excerpt from the Google AdWords Learning Center so that you can study while you answer the questions.
  • PRO #2: Each question marked incorrectly also shows how your peers answered. This helped me judge how likely I felt I was to pass the real exam. If the only questions I was marking wrong were ones everyone found very difficult, I figured I was on the right track.
  • PRO #3: There are over 300 practice questions and a mock exam.
  • PRO #4: Using iPassExam made me aware of the different question styles that would be given on the exam. I went in prepared to answer the "select multiple" questions.


  • CON #1: I found that the study questions were often worded in a confusing way. By the end of my time spent studying the iPassExam questions, I was terrified that Google was out to trip me up with answers where at times two or more seemed plausible. When I took the actual exam, I found that Google's questions were more clear.
  • CON #2: I would have liked it if the instructions for taking the real exam were shared ahead of time. I found when I took the exam I was allowed to mark answers for review and there was a drop down menu to see which questions I had answered and which were marked.
  • CON #3: iPassExam included a lot of equation based questions in their study materials. As a result I spent extra time memorizing all equations in anticipation of tricky long winded questions and had my calculator beside me on my desk. On the exam that was given to me, there turned out to be no equation based questions.


So did it work? Well, I passed with a 96%. So yes!

I would recommend iPassExam to help prepare for the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam and plan to use it on several of the other exams they offer study materials for. Next time, I will just know that there is a difference between the way the study exams are written and the actual exam.

Happy studying!

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